JoinCarrier helps you to innovate the corporate communication system by exploiting all the advantages of VoIP technology, which allows you to replace traditional lines with telephone lines that use the Internet connection.

In this way, VoIP allows considerable savings on telephone costs by reducing the fees of standard telephone lines.

With JoinCarrier it is also possible to keep existing telephone numbers by adding international numbers


JoinCarrier is an international telephone traffic delivery service in VOIP


The service delivers:

- International geographic numbers

- Toll-free, national and international numbers

- UIFN (Universal International FreePhone Number)

- Numbers with split tariffs

- Company software integration

- Dial out from foreign numbers

- Cost-effective routing management

- Unique international reporting




The architecture of the JoinCarrier service mainly consists of:


- SBC collecting traffic from N worldwide carriers

- Routing to the Orchestrator, the engine of JoinCarrier, the service management center

- SBC voice delivery on the customer device

- Control panel

- Online reporting